Staff Voices


When people ask me where I work, I get excited and yet also apprehensive. Sometimes I simply say, “I work in homeless services in Hollywood.” This is true, of course, but it doesn’t highlight the thing I love most about working in homeless services at the Center. Namely, getting to connect with people using our

No, we do not want your holey socks

In honor of MLK Day and National Day of Service, I would like to share this public service announcement with you that I hope you find helpful.  Let me start this blog post by saying, “I am a thrift store shopper.” The better portion of my closet and all of my furniture have come to

Rainy Days

I asked a participant the other day, “What do you do when it rains?” I couldn’t have anticipated his response:  “I get wet.” This winter season has been uncharacteristically rainy here in LA. As I write this, we’re in the middle of what is forecasted to be four straight days of rain. And it’s hard

A Clinical Perspective

This post was written by Frank Buckley, S.J., Psy. D, Clinical Director at The Center at Blessed Sacrament. On its home page, the Center at Blessed Sacrament argues it is eradicating homelessness in Hollywood through relationships. Allen Shore, Ph.D. at UCLA is using neuroscience to show the transformative quality in mental health is relationship and how one good

Natalie Christina & Yoga Group

Natalie Christina is a committed volunteer at the Center and bring her talents to share the gift of yoga with our participants.

Nathan & Poetry Group

Nathan Sheets is our program manager and facilitates our weekly poetry group.

Torri & Music Group

Torri is one of our core staff members and leads music group; one of the most popular at the Center.

Gerry & Watercolors

Each week a variety of groups and activities take place at the Center. Check out this video to see how staff member Gerry Mischke has brought the magic of watercolors to those participating in art group. Check out some of the artwork created in Gerry’s watercolor group by clicking here.