Our Day Program

We believe that life should be about thriving, not surviving. That’s why we are committed to providing avenues to connect, express and reflect.

cutting edge engagement model

The Center’s cutting-edge engagement model allows people to come out of isolation through art, poetry, recovery groups and other holistic wellbeing activities.

  • a sense of belonging

    The Center works to create and maintain a safe and inclusive space to build trusting relationships.

  • trauma-informed mindfulness practices

    Mindfulness practice is a key resource, and is facilitated before each group.

  • health & wellbeing

    The Center is continually evolving its programming to embrace better models of wellness.

  • The reason I go back to The Center [after getting an apartment] is it’s a great place to just communicate with people and keep doing the things I like to do. Like they have creative writing, they have art, they have videos...I love the people there too, so it’s always good to go there.

    Gennaro, housed in 2014

out of isolation

The Center is a safe place where people experiencing homelessness can obtain a sense of belonging. Utilizing trauma-informed, and art-based programming groups, The Center focuses on helping to bring people out of isolation through a cutting-edge engagement model.

Mindfulness practice is a key resource, and is facilitated before each group, whether it’s Art, Creative Writing, Flourishing in Recovery, or Current Events, to name a few.

holistic wellness

In its evolution, programming at The Center has continually embraced better models of wellness. Groups now often include green tea, healthy smoothies, or fresh fruit, in addition to the other practices of health and wellbeing.

This pervasive attitude towards health and wellness, through motivational tactics and trauma-informed awareness, invites The Center participants to take these practices with them as they continue to flourish, and step out of the isolating life that can exist while living on the streets.

Interested in attending our activities?

our interactive groups and classes

morning mindset

One of our most popular groups, Morning Mindset is a great way to start your day with a positive attitude. Mindfulness meditation practice is combined with group discussion on thoughtful quotations, poems, and readings.

coffee hour

Hang out and have a cup o’ joe on us! Coffee hour is a great time to get to know others, check your mail, and relax.

mornings with Paige

Join Paige for an experimental group and experience a variety of new activities for fun and for growth.

flourishing in recovery

This is one of our most unique and effective programs! This group combines aspects of the traditional 12 Step program with mindfulness practices and trauma-informed self reflection.

art, music, writing and poetry

Need to express yourself? We have a classes for the medium of your choice, from written expression in poetry and literature to painting, drawing and photography.

relevant radio

This group dives into current events by listening to radio segments together and then discussing our thoughts.


Got a green thumb? Join this group and help bring our community garden to life!

current events

Join us for a cup of coffee and the LA Times. We discuss major news stories of the past week and take quiet time to read today’s news.


Tim (our amazing volunteer) shows an array of inspirational videos from across the web.  Participants share reflections and anecdotes about the clips.

improv gaming

This fast-paced group races through a series of different improv exercises.

women’s group

We know that as a women, it is vital to have ‘girl time.’ Join us for herbal tea, reflection and crafts above the sanctuary at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.

queenscare nurse

Every Tuesday from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. we have a nurse from Queenscare on-site to see clients.

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