Center Announcements

The Center’s New Women’s Program: A Space Just for Women

You may have heard this staggering statistic from LA Weekly, KPCC or the LA Times: There has been a 55% increase since 2013 of women experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. Another way to put it is that 1 in 3 homeless people is now a woman. There are many factors that have led to this


​The great Pittsburgh Pirates slugger Willie Stargell was once quoted saying: “Life is one big transition”​. This month as we incur transition, we say farewell and bon voyage to Program Manager, Brent Davis, and Executive Director, Spencer Downing.

Renovating the Center – Almost There!

The Center’s board has worked diligently for over five years to secure the funding needed to rehabilitate and provide a long-over due upgrade to the Center’s facilitates. The project would not only provide needed infrastructure improvements like new wiring and plumbing; it will also make needed changes to the space configuration to better facilitate the