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Short Stories

If I have a favorite group at the Center, it’s “Short Stories” by a landslide. On Tuesdays at 10AM, about 10-15 of us read a short story and talk about it. I, of course, read the stories ahead of time and select them based on their length, content, and interest-level for our group. A few


When people ask me where I work, I get excited and yet also apprehensive. Sometimes I simply say, “I work in homeless services in Hollywood.” This is true, of course, but it doesn’t highlight the thing I love most about working in homeless services at the Center. Namely, getting to connect with people using our

Rainy Days

I asked a participant the other day, “What do you do when it rains?” I couldn’t have anticipated his response:  “I get wet.” This winter season has been uncharacteristically rainy here in LA. As I write this, we’re in the middle of what is forecasted to be four straight days of rain. And it’s hard

The Center’s New Women’s Program: A Space Just for Women

You may have heard this staggering statistic from LA Weekly, KPCC or the LA Times: There has been a 55% increase since 2013 of women experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. Another way to put it is that 1 in 3 homeless people is now a woman. There are many factors that have led to this

HomeWalk 2016

Saturday was the United Way’s 10th annual HomeWalk.  Every year, I have found an excuse to not participate.  This year, I had a feeling that I would not be able to get away with having the ‘stomach bug’ yet again, so I set my alarm for 6AM (ON A SATURDAY) and forced myself into my

Betty Jo is HOME!

This has been an incredible week for me.  A woman who I care for deeply, Betty Jo, signed the lease to her new apartment!  It has been a very long road, but I am humbled by the outpouring of community support along the way. Betty Jo comes to The Center three days a week.  She

Phinoy’s Story Told by NBC News

One of our regulars, Josefino “Phinoy” Perez, was recently matched with housing! We weren’t the only ones who were excited about that! NBC News covered his story on Aug. 31, 2016. Phinoy had been attending the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Hollywood, where the friends he made there suggested that he check out The Center. There he found

Mayor Garcetti Visits The Center

This week The Center was paid a visit from Mayor Eric Garcetti. And, in the midst of the excitement exuded from our staff and board members, what struck me most was the attention Mr. Garcetti paid to those who make the Center what it is: the participants.

A Clinical Perspective

This post was written by Frank Buckley, S.J., Psy. D, Clinical Director at The Center at Blessed Sacrament. On its home page, the Center at Blessed Sacrament argues it is eradicating homelessness in Hollywood through relationships. Allen Shore, Ph.D. at UCLA is using neuroscience to show the transformative quality in mental health is relationship and how one good


Last Friday, tragedy struck our Hollywood community. A man who we know well, and greatly care about, allegedly, violently, attacked a woman outside of her property.