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No, we do not want your holey socks

In honor of MLK Day and National Day of Service, I would like to share this public service announcement with you that I hope you find helpful. 

Let me start this blog post by saying, “I am a thrift store shopper.” The better portion of my closet and all of my furniture have come to me second hand.  I love the idea of saving items from landfills, and find great joy in snagging an Anthropologie sweater for $6.

I work for The Center at Blessed Sacrament, community center in Hollywood, serving our homeless population.  To survive, we need donations.  We LOVE donations!

But even donations require thoughtful discernment.

Please think twice about what you are donating to us. Are you donating us your favorite shirt that you have worn so many times the armpits have turned an interesting yellow-gold color?  Are you donating us an entire box of Panthers 2016 Super Bowl Shirts?  Are you donating used underwear?

If you are, please stop and reconsider.  There may be another direction to go on this Day of Service.

We love that you are thinking of us when you clean out your closet and garage, and perhaps this litmus test will help you know what to trash and what to donate.  Pick up an article of clothing/appliance and ask yourself, “Would I want to be seen in public in this/does this still work well?”  If you are giving away those jeans that you love but no longer fit (because you lost those last 10 pounds) -we’ll take them!  Or the food processer you received for your wedding but never use- amazing! But if not… sincerely ask yourself if someone will really want these items.

If you discern carefully, you will feel better and so will the individuals receiving your donations!

Thank you for all of your support!  We couldn’t do it without you!

Contributed by staff member, Alex Davis

Editor for The CenterNo, we do not want your holey socks