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Mayor Garcetti Visits The Center

This week The Center was paid a visit from Mayor Eric Garcetti. And, in the midst of the excitement exuded from our staff and board members, what struck me most was the attention Mr. Garcetti paid to those who make the Center what it is: the participants. With acclaimed L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez in tow, Mr. Garcetti calmly chatted with some of the Center’s most loquacious regulars. Taking time to hear legislative ideas, watch dance moves, and laugh about stories of common foibles, the mayor’s sincerity with “our regulars” was apparent.

In the midst of arguably the biggest challenge this mayor and city faces, it is exciting to garner the type of attention a visit from Mayor Garcetti can bring. Talking briefly about embracing best practices, the mayor was encouraging, noting that the work the Center is doing is both significant and in need of duplication. With a renewed outlook on the facilitation of the Center’s cutting-edge practices for ending isolation and chronic homelessness, we have a lot to look forward to.

To read Steve Lopez’s article about the Center that appeared in Sunday’s L.A. Times click here.



Photographs by Brian van der Brug.

Editor for The CenterMayor Garcetti Visits The Center