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​The great Pittsburgh Pirates slugger Willie Stargell was once quoted saying: “Life is one big transition”​.

This month as we incur transition, we say farewell and bon voyage to Program Manager, Brent Davis, and Executive Director, Spencer Downing. Brent will be departing to Africa, where he will spend all of 2016 in Uganda, helping to develop programming at an existing non-profit, Action in Africa. The organization is lead by former Center volunteer, Sarah Nininger, and has a community center, where Brent will be working, focused around many of the same principals he helped to develop at our very own Center. Spencer and his family are headed to Colorado, where his wife Sarah has accepted a position, which will enable them to be closer to Sarah’s family and allow Louisa and Harriet a bigger backyard.

Under Spencer’s leadership The Center has undergone significant transition, taking on leadership role in the effort to end isolation and chronic homelessness in Hollywood and surrounding areas of Los Angeles. The model for engaging individuals who come to The Center is groundbreaking and it couldn’t have been fostered without Spencer’s hard work.

The Center now has a full-time outreach team which is taking the importance of engagement out to the streets to connect with individuals who are often the most isolated. Douglas Walker and Stephen Saengpradap are also spending time coordinating events, while also broadening the reach of the Coordinated Entry System in effort to help more individuals experiencing homelessness.

The building renovation is progressing and is slated to be finished at the beginning of March. You can check out photo updates of the progress on our Facebook, or Instagram page. You can also catch images from our more than 25 groups and activities that happen at The Center and in the community everyday at http://facebook.com/CenterInHollywood, or on Instagram (@centerinhollywood).

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