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The (CES) Coordinated Entry System

What’s a Coordinated Entry System?

A Coordinated Entry System serves to match the neediest, most vulnerable people on the streets to housing opportunities as quickly as possible. Hollywood is one of seven communities that are developing a CES in Los Angeles County. We begin with identifying people on the streets and their needs. The system then prioritizes those who are most vulnerable in order to match them with permanent supportive housing.

Since 2010 Hollywood has successfully moved 225 individuals into permanent housing. Currently there are 160 who are chronically homeless and remain on Hollywood’s streets. Hollywood 4WRD believes that the remaining chronically homeless population could be moved into permanent housing over the next three years if we can secure the necessary housing resources.

Learn more at the United Way’s portal to the CES, Don’t forget to look at their “In the News” section.

Editor for The CenterThe (CES) Coordinated Entry System