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Gettlove is a nonprofit organization in Hollywood that secures permanent housing for chronically homeless individuals and provides supportive services thereafter to assure their housing is sustained.

Gettlove offers a variety of programs and services to help homeless individuals recover a sense of hope and belonging while navigating the complex systems through which subsidized housing and supportive social services are secured and sustained. Gettlove’s efforts do not stop at securing housing; the organization offers a comprehensive program of relationship-based engagements designed to address the many challenges faced by individuals who have experienced homelessness.

Hector Trujillo

Hector Trujillo

Hector works as a case manager for Gettlove and recently sat down with some of our staff to discuss his role in fulfilling their mission to end homelessness in Hollywood, one person at a time.

The Gettlove program consists of two departments, Permanent Supportive Housing and Supportive Services. Hector works for the housing team providing intensive one on one support to clients as his team tackles the process of enrolling new clients and moving them through the process of securing permanent housing as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once enrolled in the program Gettlove clients are asked to participate in weekly case management appointments with Hector where he assesses their immediate needs and works to form a working relationship with the client to address these needs together.  In the course of his work Hector addresses challenges which can include: staying in communication with someone who has no cell phone, completing multiple complex forms and processes with a client who may be struggling with mental illness or addiction, and building the trust necessary to encourage someone to continue who feels like quitting. It is obvious that to do this well requires multiple skill sets and a special kind of patience and perseverance which would be difficult to find in one person. Impressively Hector worked with about 40% of the people who secured permanent housing in Hollywood last year. We are so grateful for Hector’s work and Gettlove’s service to our community.

You can learn more about Gettlove at: www.gettlove.org


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