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A Short Film by Gennaro M. Simeone Jr.

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Gennaro M. Simeone Jr.

My inspiration is the creative works of Edgar Allen Poe.

He was more than just suspense and horror. He made some really interesting poetry. He saw the world in a different way than most of the world did at that time.

He did not see as others saw. His outlook was sometimes bleak. But it was real. And honest.

He saw that the world sometimes is good and beautiful but has underlying currents of darkness and evil. And it has the strengths to overcome those evils.

I felt the meaning of these things in the quote I chose. Weeks before his death in 1849, Edgar Allen Poe said.

“Man is no more happy or more satisfied with himself that he was 6000 years ago. And I don’t have the time to involve myself in human events of no meaning. But I never lose hope for the individual. For on in all the mass.”

It simply means that for the longest time, no matter how better we get as people or however we will advance as a culture, we will never be satiated enough or satisfied. There always will be complaint and skepticism, no matter how good life gets.

Moreover, the low things or lame things people do to drink or party their troubles away go nowhere. It is a dead end.  Just to live life of only wine, omen, and song.

Poe had been involved in events like that. And at the end of his life he saw the damage of a life of self-medicating, destruction, and said, “No” to that. “Au revoir!”

The life, however, of the special person who sacrifices for a cause or has a character that is inviting and influential and giving to the general mass or to the people who live around us, is something else. They are those who strive to make a difference. They are the ones others consider heroes of some kind or another.

Poe was thinking along those lines.

So the statement is not so complex as one would think.

The pictures I chose and the sounds in the background give meaning to each sentence in the quote.

They show man’s evolving civilization building from cave people to advanced people, from the old world right to Poe’s 19th Century.  Of course there is the invention of war and armies. The other visions are of people partying endlessly like fools going nowhere. I picked circus music or festive music for the background.

I also pick pictures and music to go with the quote’s second sentence.

For the third sentence I used pictures of great people of history. From King David and the “King of Kings”, Jesus Christ all the way through 2000 years to President Obama and 21st Century America.

In between there are quick flashes about the heroes of history like George Washington, Joan of Arc, General MacArthur, and many others.

I think there are 25 different pictures of people representing one special person in mass.

I chose the song “Heroes” from the rock band Nickelback to play behind the pictures of those heroes.

That’s all there is to this video. I hop it is enjoyed on YouTube. It is my very first YouTube video. I’m hoping to plan more, and hoping to strive for film school.

I want to thank Tyler Schwartz and Tyler Swiss, who are filmmakers, producers, and good men. And really nice guys. They helped me put this together. Thank you.


Editor for The CenterA Short Film by Gennaro M. Simeone Jr.